Food Temperature Monitoring Systems

Food contamination claims are not only expensive but potentially devastating to restaurant’s reputation and brand. While no one expects to be the subject of a contamination claim, everyone in the restaurant industry must monitor and document the environment of each individual perishable package in transit to the consumer. The cost, if neglected, could be the very existence of the organization you’ve worked so hard to build.

  • Disruptions happen frequently due to equipment failures or other unforeseen events. Monitoring the temperature curve provided by HiQ eSystems, allows for prediction of a compressor failure.
  • Product safety is jeopardized when products are without refrigeration for a period of time. HiQ eSystems will send you an alert if your freezer or refrigerator temperature goes outside the parameter you set.
  • Determining that product is unharmed after a system failure may be costly if it is later found to be unsafe. HiQ eSystems allow you to monitor your asset 24/7 and assure that your valuable assets are stored in safe conditions.


Mr. Joe Connor, Owner,
Tannery Row Ale House, Buford, GA
HiQ eSystems in use: 2 Years

“This product has saved me three times now from a total loss. Our first issue that we have is our refrigeration unit location which was placed right next to our Pizza oven and this has led to unknown problems in the past such as refrigeration unit overworking. Eventually this led to a total failure of our condenser unit which would have led to a $10,000 loss of product. This system has since alerted my team to the refrigerator and freezer failures before they became bigger issues. Our health scores have gone up and we have stopped food losses that have plagued our health scores and business in the past. If my word is worth anything save yourself time and buy HiQ Esystems. I wish that a system like this existed when I owned my other four restaurants.”

Are You Compliant with FSMA?