Our Rugged High Temp Sensor System

Volcano is a reliable and resilient sensor system designed to monitor the temperature of fryers, smokers, and other rugged use kitchen environments. Volcano is readily equipped to help manage your temperature needs in the restaurant and food processing industries and to meet food safety requirements to protect your customers and your brand.


Ambient Operating Range:
40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)

Temperature Accuracy:
± 2.2°C (4°F) 0°C to 125°C (32°F to 257°F)
± 5.0°C (9.0°F) -55°C to <0°C & >125°C to
500°C (-67°F to <32°F & >257°F to 932°F)

Probe Operating Range:
-200°C to 500°C (-328°F to 932°F)

Battery Info



Three-year warranty. Battery Saver configuration provides
2+ year lifespan and reliable, hassle-free operation.

The all-aluminum casing features a watertight,
corrosion-resistant, silicone seal.

Flexible external antenna and robust internal connections.
Manufactured in a moisture-free and contaminant-free environment, with zero fragile internal parts and no “screw-on” or “plug-in” connectors to penetrate the protective casing.


900Mhz frequency provides higher transmission power, faster
communication and lower transmission loss with greater
customization options compared to WiFi-enabled sensors.

Best-in-class wireless range and connectivity with remote
configuration capabilities across all of our devices.

Proprietary network protocols feature dense network
operation (point-to-point and point-to-multi-point) and
localized, corporate or global roaming configurations.

Range & Connectivity

Access System Dashboard


  • Temperature data at configurable intervals
  • Store and transmit data with configurable parameters
  • Custom alerts for out-of-spec environmental conditions
  • Increased data transmissions when alarm or change conditions are exceeded
  • Remote re-configuration of sensors
  • Data accessibility via server, web-browser, and mobile devices
  • Press of a button remote upgrading of gateway firmware
  • Stores sample data during Power/LAN/Internet outages
  • Up to two months’ storage capacity of temperature data sampled every ten minutes is stored in sensor memory

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