remote environmental temperature sensor system

Glacier™ – Our extremely rugged remote environmental temperature sensor system

Glacier™ is a reliable and resilient system designed to monitor the temperature of warehouse and transportation storage in rugged use environments. This water-tight device is resistant to 1m water immersion depth pressures for 30 minutes without loss of functionality. When tested on multiple 4’ vertical drops onto bare concrete, the device survived without any loss of functionality. Glacier™ is readily equipped to help manage your temperature needs across any industry.

Glacier™ Specs

Operating Range
-40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)

Temperature Accuracy
± 0.5°C (1.0°F)

  • Reliable
    Three-year warranty & up-to-five year battery life. The typical 5+ year battery life of the HiQ eSystems™ in battery saver configuration provides reliable, hassle-free operation. Battery life under various conditions is specified as follows

    wdt_ID Battery Life Configuration Description
    1 3+ years4 Low Data2 60 minute Sample Collection Rate (SR) period with 60 minutes between Transmissions (TX) Data Storage Capacity (DC) of up to a year of data storage with our Glacier Series Sensors with data collection at this rate.
    2 2.5+ years4 Standard Configuration1 10 min. SR, 30 min. TX
    3 2+ years4 High Data3 5 min. SR, 10 min. TX, 1 month DC

    1DEFAULT MODE: No TX retries and 6 hour periods between configurations/ACK TX. Two month DC with Glacier Series in this mode.
    2LOW DATA MODE: No TX retries and 6 hour periods between configurations/ACK TX.
    3HIGH DATA MODE: One TX retries and 6 hour periods between configurations/ACK TX. One month DC with Glacier Series in this mode.
    4All life figures are typical calculated performance when operating at room temperature with good communications – 66dbm or better signal strength. Operating at maximum operating temperature or without any communications can reduce battery life by as much as 50%
  • Watertight
    All-aluminum casing features a watertight, corrosion-resistant, silicone seal.
  • Durable
    Flexible external antenna and robust internal connections. HiQ eSystems™ is designed rugged for use in demanding environments; perfect for hypersensitive and extreme use applications. Manufactured in a moisture and contaminant free environment, there are no fragile internal parts, and no “screw-on” or “plug-in” connectors to penetrate the protective casing.
Range and Connectivity

HiQ eSystems™ features 900Mhz* frequency technology, which, when compared to WiFi- enabled sensors, provides higher transmission power, faster communication, and lower transmission loss, all with greater customization options. (*900 Mhz frequency is not available in all countries)

HiQ eSystems™ environmental temperature monitoring sensor systems provide best-in- class wireless range and connectivity. Incorporating proprietary networking protocols, HiQ eSystems™sensors feature dense network operation (point-to-point, point-to-multi-point) and localized, corporate, or global roaming device configurations. All HiQ eSystems™ devices are remotely configurable.

HiQ eSystems™ radio technology supports wireless line-of-sight ranges of up to 28 miles at 10 Kbps and wireless line-of-sight ranges up to 4 miles at data rates of up to 200 Kbps, which makes HiQ sensor systems flexible enough for extended-range applications or high data rates. The network is easy to set-up and use. Data access and changes to functionality are controlled via four assignable management tiers.

Smart Data System

Monitoring storage and transportation environments is critical for the intelligent management and safety of your organization’s perishable assets.

HiQ eSystems™ Smart Data provides:

  • Sampling of temperature data at user configurable intervals
  • Storage and transmission of data according to customer-defined parameters
  • Custom alerts for out-of-spec environmental conditions
  • Increased data transmission rates when alarm or change conditions are exceeded
  • Allows for remote re-configuration of sensors
  • Data accessibility via customer’s server, web page, PC, and mobile device
  • Press of a button remote upgrading of gateway firmware
  • Stores sample data during Power/LAN/Internet outages for subsequent transmission when services return
  • Up to two months storage capacity of temperature data sampled every ten minutes

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