catering food safety monitoring system

Food Temperature Monitoring for Catering

Busy venues host conferences, weddings and special events seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, requiring stocked refrigerators with food inventories worth thousands of dollars. HiQ eSystems™ environmental monitoring systems helps caterers avoid food hazards, inconvenienced customers and the potential loss of the caterer’s reputation. HiQ eSystems™ automatically monitors food assets to ensure they are stored in optimum conditions.

HiQ eSystems™ is easy to set up and configure even at temporary venues. HiQ eSystems™ gives not only a site manager but a home office manager a quick view of all your assets and send an alert if a temperature breach is detected.

Case Study

Location: The Masters Com at The Masters 2016, Augusta, GA
Food Service Provider: Epting Event, Athens, GA

Epting rented a local high school cafeteria during the Masters 2016 and served as a hub kitchen for the entire event crew at Epting. From this kitchen, Epting provided food to least twenty hospitality suites that served the Masters directly. Hitachi’s installation crew set up the temperature monitoring system in the kitchen and three trailers and connected with a cell phone gateway and provided Epting an ability to successfully monitor its perishable assets from a home office in Athens, GA throughout the event.

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