Restaurant Monitoring Systems

Food contamination claims are not only expensive but potentially devastating to a restaurant’s reputation and brand. While no one expects to be the subject of a contamination claim, everyone in the restaurant industry must monitor and document the environment of each individual perishable package in transit to the consumer. The cost, if neglected, could be the very existence of the organization you’ve worked so hard to build.


Atlanta, Georgia // Robert Owens

“Any given day, Hitachi is monitoring all of my business really from the cold side to the hot side—everything that’s in my smoker at night to everything that’s in my walk-in cooler during the day and at night. With having HiQ eSystems® as a part of our daily system, we can check it and monitor it, and it keeps us in check. I would rate the dependability a 10 out of 10. The temperature monitoring is always there. Whether I’ve lost power or anything, it’s constantly reading, and I can always pick up my phone, my computer, or go to any device that has web access.”


Athens, Georgia // Andy Urell

“We’re trusting all of our product to this cooler monitoring system. We have two locations and 16 different coolers or freezers. We have high-dollar wine, high-dollar steak, all the seafood, produce, dairy – everything that would be at a restaurant like this. There’s been a couple of times a cooler went down and having the cooler monitoring system saved everything — all the product that was in it. At our other location, we had a new freezer put in, and I got a notification that it was out of temperature. I immediately went there to try and figure out what happened, and I wouldn’t have known that our freezer wasn’t working properly and the food would have tentatively become defrosted inside of it. It’s very easy to use, there’s an app I have on my phone, and I can see every temperature of every cooler at two locations from anywhere I am.”

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