Cold-Chain Transportation

Are you in the dark when it comes to how your assets are being handled? Get a higher level of food-safety intelligence and transparency into the environment of your goods in house, en route or on location with our remote temperature and humidity monitoring systems.

Our $160 Billion Cold-chain Problem

With our newsfeeds consistently filled with stories about food recalls, it’s more important than ever to track and monitor food in logistics and transportation. Temp/humidity sensors can play a huge role in helping food-service, food-processing, and cold-chain companies to track food throughout its journey.

Whether you’re monitoring equipment en route or on location, Hitachi’s real-time temperature/humidity monitoring systems allow for a proactive approach versus the current reactive approach many companies use with temperature loggers. With real-time data and custom alerting, Hitachi's remote monitoring systems give you the transparency you need to protect your assets, and protect your brand.

Waste by the numbers
40% of all food produced in the U.S. is wasted
75 billion pounds reach landfills (22% of all solid waste)
$55.5 billion in healthcare costs due to recalls
700 food recalls and contamination risks every year

Our Robust Monitoring Solution


Comes with a 3-year warranty. Battery Saver configuration provides 3+ year lifespan and reliable, hassle-free operation. (3-year warranty based on every 12-hour discovery, every 10 min sample, and every 30 min transmission—which is a battery saver option with 3+ year battery life.)


The all-aluminum casing features a watertight, corrosion-resistant, silicone seal.


Flexible external antenna and robust internal connections. Manufactured in a moisture and contaminant-free environment, with zero fragile internal parts and no “screw-on” or “plug-in” connectors to penetrate the protective casing.


Gateway in a cab (tractor) can automatically find a sensor in a trailer. Driver doesn’t have to pair two devices. Fully automated process.

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Your Transportation & Handling Risks

The transportation of your goods and assets involves every conceivable mode of transportation from boats, planes, railcars, tankers, trucks, and even pack-animals! These modes of transport vary in time, processes, and environmental conditions creating a greater chance of contamination or out-of-temp events putting the quality of your products, and the integrity of your brand at risk.


Among improper handling, damages/load shift during transit, contamination via other products in the environment, or equipment failures, air travel poses a variety of risks for your goods and assets. Uncertainty in trade deals and deregulations also pose unique risks on the way products are being shipped internationally.


Used for short distances, and Less-than-Load (LtL) shipments, these refrigerated trucks require more stops and more transfers of your products. The more your products are being handled and the more stops they see, the greater the chance of contamination or out of temp events that put them at high risk.


Long-haul transportation for just about any domestic shipments. Without proper transparency and monitoring into the environment of the trailers, your products could easily be out-of-temp, or exposed to goods that affect their integrity for longer periods of time. Often due to improper training or poor cleaning practices, they could be exposed to chemicals or raw goods from back-hauled shipments.


Much like Semi-Trucks, freight trains travel long distances to deliver a wide variety of goods domestically from chemicals to raw foods. These long trips allow for greater chances of equipment failures for long periods of time, load shift and damage of packaging and improper training leading to exposure from raw goods and chemicals or dirty and contaminated environments.


Transporting goods via boat is tantamount for the global supply network. These lengthy trips mean transparency into the environment of your goods is more important than ever. Even a single instance of equipment failure or contamination early in the process could mean ruined goods by the end of a 20-day shipment. For raw goods like fish, vegetables and other meat, this can lead to severe outbreaks and contamination through your goods.


Your goods will make various stops along their journey to your customers. Whether in storage, holding, or processing, your goods are being handled by dozens of workers in a wide variety of environments. All of this provides a greater risk of contamination or out-of-temp events putting the quality of your products, and the integrity of your brand at risk.

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