wireless temperature perishable asset monitoring systems

Asset Monitoring Systems

With increasing industry standards and regulations, monitoring the temperature and humidity of high-value assets while in storage, in transit, or in fragile environmental conditions is critical for compliance with government food and health mandates and to an organization’s bottom line. Medical supplies, perishable goods, laboratory inventory, and data center equipment are a sampling of items whose integrity must be properly maintained and safeguarded against contamination, spoilage, deterioration, or malfunction.

HiQ eSystems™ remote monitoring and reporting systems provide safety directors, owners, operations directors, and others, with confidence and peace of mind. Programmed, automated monitoring can eliminate human errors while reducing labor expense, and – most importantly – provide reliable, continuous, and accurate data. Assets are protected; data is readily available and easily managed; and customers are ensured of product safety, consistency, and a superior overall experience.

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