HiQ eSystems™ remote monitoring and reporting systems provide safety directors, owners, operations directors, and others with confidence and peace of mind in knowing their assets are protected, and customers are ensured of product safety, consistency, and a superior overall experience.

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Hitachi Glacier

Hitachi Storm


Track back of house in real time via desktop, tablet or phone



Record temperatures at predetermined times



Receive alerts via text, email, or voice



Automated protection 24/7,
365 days/year


HiQ eSystems™ is designed rugged for use in demanding environments; perfect for hypersensitive and extreme use applications. Our line of asset management solutions is designed to ensure the safety of your perishable items when and where you need it most.


In the food industry, accurate monitoring is critical to product integrity, performance, and consumer safety. Food contamination claims are not only expensive, but also potentially devastating to a restaurant’s reputation and brand. While no one expects to be the subject of a contamination claim, everyone in the restaurant industry must be prepared to monitor and document the environments of each individual perishable package in route to the consumer. The cost of neglect could be damage to your brand’s reputation.


Busy venues host conferences, weddings and special events seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, requiring stocked refrigerators with food inventories worth thousands of dollars. HiQ eSystems™ environmental monitoring systems helps caterers avoid food hazards, inconvenienced customers and the potential loss of the caterer’s reputation. HiQ eSystems™ automatically monitors food assets to ensure they are stored in optimum conditions.


Cold Chain is the process of safely providing perishable products to the consumer. Doing so can be especially difficult during a disruption, such as vehicle breakdown or refrigeration failure. The ability to monitor the temperature of each individual product is one of the greatest industry challenges. By providing automated, continuous temperature monitoring, HiQ e-systems Avatars transmit an accurate reading of the entire storage environment via mathematical modeling, replacing traditional glycol-based sensors.  


Production equipment, electronic devices and circuitry generate excess heat and may require a stable environment to improve product reliability and prevent premature failure. HiQ eSystems™ monitors temperature and humidity environments to prevent spoilage, mildew, or other damage to sensitive product inventories.


HiQ eSystems™ provides remote, automated, and continuous environmental monitoring to the healthcare industry, including dermatology, pharmaceutical, and veterinary medicine. HiQ eSystems™ monitor critical storage equipment such as stability chambers, refrigerators, freezers, LN2 tanks, incubators, animal holding rooms, ultra-low freezers, cold rooms, and clean rooms.

Why HiQ eSystems?

First and foremost, remote monitoring automates a required process that is currently taking time away from your staff. Applying the same approach successfully used in industrial manufacturing, Hitachi now brings automation of processes to food services. This allows the re-deployment of more-expensive human assets to essential operations, resulting in savings through improved worker productivity. Off-hours, your assets are continuously monitored, with alerts sent should a cooler or freezer malfunction, saving the significant cost of food replacement and avoiding the consequences of unwittingly serving your patrons tainted food.


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